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I love this place so much. The food always comes really hot!

Ryanne, 09Dec18

Nice food

Tommy, 08Dec18

I love this place, I drive just over 24 miles just for the food....

Nazia, 08Dec18

Food was delicious

Sarish, 08Dec18


Sabina, 30Nov18

Everything tasted great

Lucky, 27Nov18

Some of the flavours can be over spicy but now I have found the flavour I like I really love this place.

Sophia, 23Nov18

Food was good overall- wasn’t has hot as i expected. But was good :)

Ghose, 20Nov18

I understand that the shop is a busy place however some customers may want it before a certain time. If a child wants to eat oodles before their bedtime their parents would probably want it to be delivered earlier so the child has enough sleep to go to school the next day

Fahmida, 14Nov18

Order from here quite frequently and am never dissapointed in the food and quality of service. 100% recommend!!

Safa, 13Nov18

This place has been a real hit with the family. A definite favourite.

I Shah , 11Nov18

Amazing. Worth the money

Alex, 09Nov18

Amazing. Worth the money.

Alex, 09Nov18

Portion size good

Mohammed, 04Nov18

The app and site doesn't update to where your order is at. You don't know when it is out for delivery. Also 65 minutes for delivery is fine if it is actually delivered in that time but waiting longer for it is a pain perhaps offer something if it is longer than the time stated.

Micheal, 02Nov18

Amazing quality food, delivered very quickly. Please add desserts to the menu. :-)

Mohammed, 01Nov18

Nice food

Zara, 28Oct18

Very good service

Kamran, 27Oct18

Very nice food

Tommy, 25Oct18

* Foods always hot * Delivery man is always polite and present * Good food for good price

Saprena, 19Oct18


Salman, 19Oct18

me and my kids are addicted to your freshly made full of flavour delicious food and staff is very friendly and helpful aswel

Mrs A M, 19Oct18

Impressed with the quality in the spicy dishes since I’ve ordered from this takeaway I cant go back to the other Chinese take aways cause these dishes taste too divine

Desta, 11Oct18

The best

Sadiya, 07Oct18

hey,thanks for the quick delivery how everrr we was missing chips in all the portions

Sonia, 03Oct18

Delivery man is always polite Delivery time is good Food is always great The price is worth it

Eulinis, 29Sep18